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Phil and Helen's Wedding

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Location: Ritz Carlton Hotel, Palm Beach in Manapalan, FL

Date and Time: July 16th at 6:30pm (nearly 7 when it started)

Her dress: She chose a dress from nature friendly designer Adele Wechsler's 'Hello Africa' collection called Nomsa (meaning faith). The dress features duchess satin, geometric beaded yoke, Wood crystal and pearls. In her hair, she wore a cowrie shell and mother of pearl hairpiece also created by Adele Wechsler symbolic of luck and wealth in African culture.

His suit: J. Lindeburgh Sustainable

The rings: Krikawa Jewelry/white platinum bands with black and white alternating diamonds in the center channel

The flowers: White roses, cymbidium orchids, hydrangea and blue delphiniums.

The food (All Vegan): A non-alcoholic wedding (although guests were able to hit the hotel bar), the guests sipped on iced raspberry green tea and cucumber lemonade. The food was a selection of vegan cultural options representing the many cultures of supportive family and friends between the bride and groom-Soul food, Mexican, Asian, East Indian, and Southwestern style delicacies. Along with the two wedding cakes (both vegan-the bride and groom's cake was a rich chocolate marble and the guest cake was carrot and cinnamon), at the groom's request, there was a gelato bar stocked with Phil's favorite flavors-coconut, mango, chocolate, strawberry, and lemon.

The music: The reception was mainly filled with 70's and 80's RnB and Soul played by Beverly Bond.

The people: Helen was walked down the aisle by her godfather, Dwight R.B. Cook. As the wedding party entered the ceremony, Helen's godmother, Debbi Blackwell-Cook, sang 'You and I' by Stevie Wonder. When Helen and Dwight walked down the aisle, her godmother sang “The Man I Love,” by George Gershwin, a song Phil sent to Helen as a love note. The wedding party, aside from Phil, consisted of the flower girl-Phil's daughter Samantha Collen, Best Man-Phil's trainer Jean Carrillo, witness-Phil's son Rory Collen, and Helen's Maid of Honor-her godsister Nikia Blackwell. Helen's grandmother, Hattie Simmons was recognized with a rose by Helen and Phil in a small ceremony honoring all elders past and present during the wedding.