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Joseph Thomas Elliott

Lead Vocals

Birthdate: August 1, 1959
Birthplace: Sheffield, UK
Parents: Joe Sr. and Cindy Elliott
Siblings: None
Marital Status: Married to Kristine
Children: Son, Finlay; also has a Goddaughter
Currently Resides: Stepaside, just outside of Dublin, Ireland
Height: 6'1''
Eye Color: The big debate! Blue, Green, or a mix of both
*right arm - two skulls kissing in a heart shape(top), the Def Leppard initials from the Retro Active sleeve, a D with the L going through it (middle), and the statement "Born Late 59" written underneath.

*left arm - the tantric moon (woman sitting on the face of the moon, a tantric sex sysmbol), a celtic twist covering up Bobbie's name, and a crocodile(or some sort of lizard) biting it's tail (from the cover of the Mott the Hoople single, Rock and Roll Queen).

*upper right chest - the cybernauts spider

Influences: Led Zeppelin, Mott the Hoople, Alice Cooper, Queen, Marc Bolan
Interests: Music, Golf, Soccer
Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Book: "Diary of a Rock and Roll Star" by Ian Hunter. Also likes Lester Bang's Book.
Favorite Show: Fawlty Towers, Simpsons, Law and Order
Favorite Movies: Monty Python and Rocky
Favorite Drink: Saki
Favorite Food: Indian, Japanese, Fish 'N Chips

Musical Abilities: Aside from singing and songwriting, Joe can play piano, guitar, drums, and has produced for other artists.
Previous jobs: Osborn-Mushet (fired for playing cricket in the basement), a factory where he worked with things like grinding wheels and soap, also did van delivery delivering garage doors, letterboxes, etc.

Additional Facts:

*Joe wrote his first song at eight, Going Away Forever, and still has the recording from his mom's tape recorder

*Made his stage debut at eleven as Elvis Presley, miming guitar playing (he would learn to play six-string soon after)

*Joined his first band at fifteen

*Learned drums at seventeen

*Left-handed, but plays guitar with his right

*In 2000, made his acting debut on the show, Dark Realm. Played Leon, a guitar player who haunts Corey Feldman's character

*Says that his golf handicap is about an eighteen